Killerfiction 019: November 21, 2007: (play mp3>)
• Lunar Drive, "Here at Black Mesa Arizona " (PMN/Lunar Drive page>)
• Opinion / Underscore music (mx) Lunar Drive's "Green Rainbow"
• First installment from "The Difference," by Todd McKinney (Read story online>)
• Story mx from 31d1, "Warmday", (31d1 page>) (PMN/31d1 page>)
• Reading list (Click the titles to find the books at Amazon): "Bury My Heart at Wounded Knee," by Dee Brown; "God is Red," by Vine DeLoria; "In the Spirit of Crazy Horse," by Peter Matthiessen; "Lame Deer, Seeker of Visions," by John Fire Lame Deer and Richard Erdoes; "My Life is My Sun Dance," by Leonard Peltier; "The Lakota Way," by Joseph M. Marshall III.
Marilyn Scott , "Icebox" (Marilyn Scott site>) (PMN/MS page>)
• Read Jackie Fortino's excellent thought-provoking blog, "The In-Between Space"


Killerfiction 018: September 15, 2007: (play mp3>)
Brian Sharpe, "Just Like You " (Brian Sharpe site>) (PMN/BS page>)
• Final installment from "Keeping the House," by Ellen Baker (Ellen Baker site>)
• Story music from Jami Seiber, "Hidden Sky " (Jami Seiber/Magnatune page>)
• Ben Warren, "Famous" (PMN/Ben Warren page>)(Ben Warren site>)


Killerfiction 017: August 26, 2007: (play mp3>)
• Brother Love, "Summertime" (PMN/Brother Lovepage>)(Brother Love site>)
• Excerpt 1 from "Keeping the House," by Ellen Baker (Ellen Baker site>)
• Story music from Jami Seiber, "Red Mood" (Jami Seiber/Magnatune page>)
• Ezra Thomas, "Opium" (PMN/Ezra Thomas page>)(Ezra Thomas site>)


Killerfiction 016: April 16, 2007: (play mp3>)
• Greg Friedman, "Story Street " (PMN/Greg Friedman page>)(Greg Friedman site>)
• "Aaron Slick from Punkin Crick," final installment / A memoir of Max T. McKinney, by Phil McKinney
• Story music from Barry Phillips, "Bellat", and "Hurvan e. Johan Hollister " (Barry Phillips/Magnatune page>)
• Dead Rock West, "Highway 1" (PMN/Dead Rock West page>)(Dead Rock West site>)


Killerfiction 015: March 28, 2007: (play mp3>)
• Jag, "Irish Jig" (Magnatune/Jag page>)
• "Aaron Slick from Punkin Crick" / A memoir of Max T. McKinney, by Phil McKinney
• Story music from Loius Armstrong, "Ain't Misbehavin'", and Bix Beiderbecke, "Davenport Blues" (Courtesy the Internet Archive>)
• James Dalton, "The House my Grandfather Built" (PMN/James Dalton page>)(James Dalton site>)


Killerfiction 014: March 4, 2007: (play mp3>)
• Five Star Fall, "Headphones" (Five Star Fall site>)(Magnatune/Five Star Fall page>)
• "Love, Tracy" final installment
• Story music from Ekocam, "In Juno" (Ekocam site>)(PMN/Ekocam>),
and from Belief Systems, "Spear Burning" (Belief Systems/Magnatune page>)
• Loretta Lucas, "Autumn's Falling " (Loretta Lucas site>)


Killerfiction 013: February 18, 2007: (play mp3>)
• Full Out Freak, "Loser Anyway" (Full Out Freak site>)(PMN/Full Out Freak page>)
• "Love, Tracy" first installment
• Story music from Belief Systems, "Deep House " (Belief Systems /Magnatune page>)
• Jake Coco, "Daddy's Eyes" (Jake Coco site>)(PMN/Jake Coco page>)


Killerfiction 012: August 6, 2006: (play mp3>)
• James Brown, "Gut Bucket" (PMN/James Brown page>)

• "The Lincoln " final installment (Read story online>)
Story music from Barry Phillips, "Fantiullen" (Barry Phillips /Magnatune page>)
The Shakes , "Liberty Jones" (The Shakes site>) (PMN/The Shakes page>)


Killerfiction 011: July 20, 2006: (play mp3>)
• Lunar Drive, "Brrds and Bugs " (PMN/Lunar Drive page>)

• "The Lincoln " first installment (Read story online>)
Story music from Kenji Williams, "2K1" (Kenji Williams/Magnatune page>)
Beth Thornley , "Birmingham" (Beth Thornley site>) (PMN/BT page>)


Killerfiction 010: June 12, 2006: (play mp3>)
• Porter Block, "Underneath" (Porter Block site>) (PMN/PB page>)

• "Being Out of State" final installment (Read story online>)
Story music from Alan Shikoh, "11.12.05" (PMN/AS page>)
Brian Sharpe, "The Last Goodbye" (Brian Sharpe site>) (PMN/BS page>)


Killerfiction 009: May 13, 2006: (play mp3>)
• Beth Thornley "Mr. Lovely" (Beth Thornley site>) (PMN/BT page>)

• "Being Out of State" installment two (Read story online>)
Navi Redd "Black Eyed Peas feat. U2" (Navi Redd site>) (PMN/NR page>)
• Dump your government lackey phone company: Sign up with Working Assets>


Killerfiction 008: May 8, 2006: (play mp3>)
• Ezra Thomas "She's Waiting " (Ezra Thomas site>)
(PMN/ET page>)
• "Being Out of State" installment one (Read story online>)
• Opinion: One of These Men is Quite Like the Other, Only Different
Ezra Thomas "Favorite Things"
Detroit Podcasters Network>


Killerfiction 007: April 30, 2006: (play mp3>)
• Lunar Drive "A Great Traditional Word "
(PMN/Lunar Drive page>)
• Dance for Mother Earth Pow Wow Audyssey (Pow Wow site>)
• Dreamweaver "Cherokee's Dream" (Dreamweaver site >) (PMN/D'weaver page>)


Killerfiction 006: April 23, 2006: (play mp3>)
• Jason McAllister "Drive the Blues Away" (Triple Strand site>)
(PMN/TS page>)
• "Observation Deck " fourth and final segment (Read story online>)
• Barry Phillips "Bellat" (Barry Phillips/Magnatune page>)
• Comments on U-M Hopwood Awards (Hopwood Awards page>) (MFA page>)
• Julie Gribble "Little Bit Lonely"
(Julie Gribble site>) (PMN/Julie Gribble page>)


Killerfiction 005: April 3, 2006: (play mp3>)
• The Window Panes "I Was Gone" (The Window Panes site>)
(PMN/tWP page>)
• "Observation Deck " segment 3 (Read story online>)
• Beth Thornley "Double Wide" (Beth Thornley site>) (PMN/BT page>)
• Nostalgia: FBI hijinks at the Comedy Store, 1986
• Cruisebox "On a Podcast "
(Cruisebox site>) (PMN/Cruisebox page>)


Killerfiction 004: March 20, 2006: (play mp3>)
• Geoff Smith "Not on the Radio "(Geoff Smith site)
(PMN/Geoff Smithpage>)
• "Observation Deck " segment 2 (Read story online>)
• Upcoming features
• Lunar Drive "Green Rainbow "
(PMN/Lunar Drive page>)


Killerfiction 003: March 13, 2006: (play mp3>)
• Last Page First "Your Eyes"(Last Page First site)
(PMN/Last Page First page>)
• "Observation Deck " segment 1 (Read story online>)
• Teresa James & the Rhythm Tramps "Come Up and See Me Sometime"
(Black and Tan Records site>)(PMN/Black and Tan page>)


Killerfiction 002: March 6, 2006: (play mp3>)
• Chris Juergensen "Tell Me a Story" (Chris Juergensen/Magnatune page>)

• "These Things Happen" segment 2 (Read story online>)
• Opinion: Intention and Happenstance
• Laura Clapp "Hey Hey Sister "
(Laura Clapp site>)(PMN/Laura Clapp page >)


Killerfiction 001: February 27, 2006: (play mp3>)
• What it is
• Candy Butchers "Let's Have a Baby" (Candy Butchers site>)(PMN/CB page>)
• "These Things Happen" segment 1 (Read story online>)
• Opinion: Music Biz
• Barry Phillips "Polska fran Glava" (Barry Phillips/Magnatune page>)


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